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Poseico has countless experiences in the civil, commercial and industrial fields. By integrating the construction capabilities of Poseico Impianti with the design skills of Poseico Engineering Consulting, Poseico is able to operate on the market as General Contractor for the design and construction of turnkey plants, including: Heating, Cooling, Water-Sanitary, Fire Protection, Temperature Control, Water Treatment and Alternative Energy.
Poseico Impianti is specialized in the following types of thermomechanical systems:

  • Operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems
  • Refurbishment and upgrading of heating systems
  • Construction of thermal, hydraulic and electrical systems for shopping centers and retails
  • Realization of mechanical systems for hospitals
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Headquarter - Genova
Via Pillea , 42/44
16153 - Genova

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