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Poseico Impianti manufactures Integrated Security Systems, Video Surveillance, Monitoring and Control Fire protection, Structured cabling, Data Center, Building Automation and Access Control.
Advanced technologies also allow the construction of systems in line with the new provisions on energy saving. The possibility of developing software internally ensures full compliance with the requirements of the customer and the possibility of implementing and amending it based on any new operation needs.
Poseico Impianti is specialized in the following types of technological systems:

  • Adaptation of industrial machineries to the safety standards
  • Improvement to highest security standards, consolidation and restoration of buildings subjected to constraint of Fine Arts
  • Detailed design and construction of a demonstrator for power generation from renewable energy sources (geothermal, photovoltaic and solar thermal)
  • Construction of perimeter protection systems for detention facilities
  • Construction of  technological, special and security systems for museums, aquariums and research centers
  • Adaptation of sports facilities to the safety and security standards
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Headquarter - Genova
Via Pillea , 42/44
16153 - Genova

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